The Greenville Local Development Corporation was founded in 1979 to encourage economic development and support business in the City of Greenville. With board members from local government, private sector lending institutions, and local business organizations, the GLDC represents both public and private sector involvement in local economic development.

Since 1979, the GLDC has been working to provide financial assistance, real estate development coordination , and strategic guidance for local projects/expansions of businesses within the city limits. The organization has proved highly successful, with a range of completed, profitable development projects that include Pendleton West, KingsView Pointe and Brookside Gardens.

The level of expertise represented by the GLDC board has proven invaluable to the City of Greenville staff in directing new economic development projects. As Greenville continues to grow, the GLDC will focus on offering more strategic guidance for current and future projects, supporting significant redevelopment projects, and attracting high-technology related companies to the Greenville area.

To further expand economic development, the GLDC formed The Innovate Fund, which distributes financial assistance to real estate development projects that revitalize low-income communities in South Carolina. The Innovate Fund provides investment capital for these projects. To date, The Innovate Fund has been awarded and successfully deployed $162 million dollars to projects that are making a substantial impact across South Carolina.